Posted 6 months ago

The first of the giveaway items made it to it’s destination! This picture was taken (and shared with permission) by this lovely person

First new pic in a while, I know. This is also the final version of a pattern I’ve been ironing out since the beginning of this journey. I finally got the ears JUST how I envisioned them ^-^

Posted 7 months ago

What’s this? The Etsy options have changed! That’s right, I’ve gone through and simplified the ordering process to make it less confusing and frustrating for customers.

Items that have original colors (such as the baby cow, crow and snowman) now have two color options - ‘original color’ and ‘custom colors’. Any items that do NOT have original colors simply have a single price listing. Any customization will take place through the notes. I contact all of my buyers to make sure that items have colors as close to what they envision as possible.

Next I will be going through and editing descriptions to make it easier to understand the ordering process and give more information about the items themselves.

Posted 8 months ago
I’m digging cuttlefish right now.

Cuttlefish are interesting patterns to find, but I adore them to, they’re just so damn CUTE! So it’s definitely on the list! :D

Posted 8 months ago

Alright, fan interaction time!

I’ve been looking through my patterns and decided that the next ‘theme’ I’m going to be going with for a bit is sea creatures. I adore the ocean and the critters found therein (though granted, some are utterly terrifying).

So, what I want to know is - what are YOUR favorite sea creatures?

Posted 8 months ago

This particular piece is special in that it was made as a gift for my stepmum. I modified an existing pattern to create the skirt and ballet slippers. Though i may alter it further in the future as I’m not very happy with how the slippers came out. Normally this particular pattern is created with one solid color and no skirt.

I will likely be offering the mouse itself for sale in the near future in it’s original form.

Posted 8 months ago

Sneak peek at one of the newest upcoming items. Yes, that is a cow. Isn’t it cute?!

Posted 8 months ago
From my time of being a plushmaker, I have realized that many people who want plushies usually expect the prices to be closer to mass-produced plushie prices. Of course I wouldn't ever undersell my products that drastically, but I do often have to compromise and lower the prices every now and again. This mostly just happens with non-commissioned plushies. I guess what I'm trying to say is...if I put myself in the shoes of a random customer, I sadly wouldn't pay the prices you're asking. (cont..)
meowchee asked

(pt 2) It’s not because your stuff isn’t worth what you’re asking. I’m sure the time and effort you put in would make it worth more than your asking price. But the world is full of cheapos. I have to lower my prices by like 50 cents every other week if something’s not selling. It’s not cool, but one must do what one must do. Sorry if I’m rambling. It’s 4 AM where I am. The bottom line is that I think what’s putting off customers is the prices and I hate that that’s how it is cuz you deserve every penny (end)

Oh I very much understand that my higher prices are considered ‘too high’ by people who don’t understand that they’re also paying a creator’s wage. That they’re paying for a hard earned skill that they can’t do. Unfortunately, with the $50 items, that is what I agreed to when I bought the patterns. I can’t charge less than the original creator, and that’s what they charge for the made pieces (and have no problem selling).

As a PSA to people looking at my amigurumi - Most of them barely cover materials. If I average out how much I ‘make’ from them once the materials are taken out, it’s less than $1 an hour. Yep, you heard me, less than $1 an hour. And this is the only money I make right now.

Posted 8 months ago
Send Eureka a message on Etsy and they may be able to take a very quick look at your store free of charge.

Will do. Thanks again!

Posted 8 months ago
You can also ask them to do you a personalised critique. There’s a high success rate and that advice does not come cheap.

I will look into it. Thank you for the recommendation again. I am well aware that professional tips and tricks don’t come cheap, unfortunately - with my amigurumi being my only source of income, and not having any sales, I don’t have much in the way of disposable income.

Posted 8 months ago
You can get a whole bunch of excellent ebooks to help you here…

I appreciate the recommendation. Unfortunately those are pretty expensive for simple guides, and doesn’t really tell me from the people who already look at my items what would help them be interested. But thank you!

Posted 8 months ago

Hello, dear followers! So, I’ve been sitting here and wondering for a while - what is it that you are not seeing that you want to see? Or what would make you more interested in what I already have available? I know you enjoy my creations, and I adore making them, but unfortunately, making them is also my only source of income right now. And I have only had a single sale in the last FOUR months.Like I said, I adore making my creations, but they’re not selling, and I would love to hear from you as to what I can do to make my creations more attractive for you as followers and buyers.

Drop me an ask, or a note and let me know!

So, what do you think?

Posted 8 months ago

Alright, so I’m REALLY excited. I’ve been in a slump for crochet since the holidays, and in the past week I’ve managed to finish FOUR projects that I’ve had hanging around, work on solidifying a pattern and start a new project. I’m REALLY happy about this! I was worried that I was losing interest, but apparently I just needed to clear off my desk a little.

This will hopefully mean two new patterns are coming to the store in the near future (two of the projects I completed were patterns I’ve never posted before).

I also apologize that I haven’t gotten the color swatches up yet, there was an issue with the translation of the lighting I was using into the camera and onto the computer. I also managed to forget the entire green spectrum when I first made the swatches. Go figure..

So that’s me lately. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out proper lighting for the new things (winter is awful for lighting - and my apartment is even worse as it faces due west) and start posting some pictures soon!!

Posted 8 months ago

Alright! I finally got some decent lighting and managed to get pictures of the yarn swatches. I’m going to be editing them and fiddling with them until they generally look the way they’re supposed to. Once that’s done, you’ll finally have a decent look at what yarn colors I have (for now). Hopefully I’ll be able to get them up before the end of this coming week!

Posted 8 months ago

Just as a reminder - if you purchase something from me via etsy - please remember to leave feedback when you receive your critter! Since I’m new on etsy, people really look at the number of reviews I have before considering buying anything. Of course if there’s any trouble with your order, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to better your experience.

And of course, please remember to check out my etsy if you haven’t! There’s 29 different creations to choose from now, with new patterns on the way hopefully next month!

If you don’t see anything you’d like, feel free to drop me a note with ideas, or things you were hoping to find and I’ll see what I can do! Also - feel free to share the etsy shop with others or invite them to check out the Facebook. Exposure is always awesome!

Posted 9 months ago

Hello, all. Couple of things. I know it’s been REALLY quiet for a while. I have a ton of projects going on and keep getting distracted and either starting new ones or just not finishing the ones I’m on. I have a new pattern I’m trying out that I will hopefully post before the end of the month if it comes together properly.

On the list of projects is putting up a color swatch listing so that it is easier to pick colors based on what I already have (as right now there is nothing up that shows you what yarn I already have unfortunately). This shouldn’t be hard, except deciding where to start with the yarn collection. Hopefully this will be something posted before the end of the month as well, but we’ll see how it goes.

Hopefully returning to picture updates soon now that my shoulder is getting better and inspiration is returning.

Also, in case anyone has forgotten you can find me on Etsy

Also on Facebook